Who Has Time for That?

I’d argue, we all do! I know, that’s an unpopular opinion. We’re busy, right? But we all have the same hours in a day, and some of us are better at others at fitting all the good stuff in. Why? How? Here’s what I think. It’s about making space in your schedule for what matters most. Sometimes this means saying no to what doesn’t. Even if it’s good stuff, we can’t do everything. Trust me, I’ve tried! And I’m over it. How about you?

One thing I think we all want to make time for, but rarely do, is hanging out with friends. I barely get to hang out with my husband without multitasking a chore or kid wrangling. How am I supposed to make time for friends? Well, it isn’t always easy, especially when they have grownup responsibilities, too. But I’ve found a few fun ways, so I figured I’d share to see if they can help you, too!

Make people come to you. Yep! I sometimes worry that my house isn’t company ready, but you know what? If they’re really your people, they won’t care. They’re coming to see you, not your house. I promise you that they are not judging you or your house, and if they are, maybe say no to them next time. Harsh? Maybe. But it’s true.

I just had a friend over to my place today, because her availability was right around nap time. My kids didn’t end up napping, but they were cozy and here with their own stuff, and it didn’t throw off our rhythms. I sliced up our recently picked apples, made a three ingredient apple dip that I absolutely love, put assorted crackers on a cute pumpkin plate, and a cranberry cinnamon goat cheese log on another. I set out room temperature bottles of water. It was yummy, it served its purpose, and it took me all of ten minutes to make it look pretty (enough). We had a lovely visit, complete with about 457 interruptions by both of my kiddos, and it was FINE. Make it happen, and make them come to you, even if it’s not picture perfect. And honestly, if they don’t want to make the time/effort to come to you sometimes, maybe invite someone else next time. Another harsh truth, but I stand behind that. A true friend will make an effort, and if you want to be a good friend to those that do, you may need to let go of the ones who don’t.

Another thing I do each month is host a clothing swap. It serves multiple purposes for me, and I LOVE all of it so much! I started it a couple of years ago when I was first going through my closet and needed to replenish it with new pieces. I contacted a few friends who are relatively the same size, we met at a coffee shop, brought the clothes we weren’t using, and we swapped with each other! It has now morphed into a kid-friendly brunch at a new friend’s house, and there are a handful of us that are there for every single one. We drink coffee and mimosas, try on and swap clothes, laugh, eat yummy food, and build each other up. It’s such a positive and nurturing environment. Recently we added a fun extra piece, and are now doing themed brunches (next one is Thanksgiving themed)! We make sure to plan the next month before we leave, as it’s something we all look forward to adding to our calendars. I just love what it’s become, and it’s a joy to make sure one Saturday morning a month is available for this event.

Another thing I’m doing is inviting friends to join me at the gym. No I’m not a personal trainer, by any means. And in all honesty I prefer to workout by myself (and I still do). BUT, it’s been super fun meeting up with a friend to chat and workout with (separately). Our gym has childcare and massage chairs, so it’s become a mom-time thing. We drop the kiddos off, meet up in the locker room, workout, chat while we get ready, and relax and chat more while we sit in the massage chairs! It’s so nice and encouraging to be lifted up on a regular basis in a place that otherwise might be a bit of a drag to drag myself to.

And lastly, I use voice messages. Whether it’s facebook messenger or Marco Polo, I’m all about the voice/video messages! You can still listen to them whenever you can, like a text, but it just seems to be more life-giving than only sending and receiving texts. It’s not easy for me to make/take real time phone calls in this season of my life, but going back and forth with voice or video messages is a great substitute! I have most of my people doing it with me now, and I’ve heard many times that they enjoy the extra personal touch it offers, too! Do I still send a quick text now and again? Yes, and I think that’s a great option when you’re short on time and want to love on someone. It’s definitely the thought (and follow through) that counts – so make the time to connect, however it works best for you.

A wise man in my life once said, “make time for friends now, because if you don’t, when you have the time you won’t have any friends.”

These are a few of my favorite things:

Apple Dip

Marco Polo

Creamy Lemony Chicken and Potato Soup

Fall-Scented Cleaners (Includes promo code)

The Lazy Genius (yep, still making the list)

Fall Scented Target Candles.


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