For Everything There is a Season

I feel like there are two types of people. Some of you are stubborning clinging onto summer and cursing the cool winds of change blowing in. The rest of you, like me, are getting excited! Things are changing, fall is here, and that brings so many good things into our days! So if you’re the first one, you might not love this post. But who knows? Maybe a yummy soup recipe I plan to share will put at least a little bit more pep in your step. Either way, fall is here, and I am so excited that I had to start writing again after my long hiatus!

Ok, so seasonal changes have become super important to me, and I’m not well-educated on the moon phases or the solstices or equinoxes, or anything like that. But I just get this overwhelming feeling of excitement when things are changing. It’s like we get a fresh start, four times a year. Isn’t that refreshing? I used to think that everything had to depend on the first of the year goals. Magically on January 1st (in the middle of winter), I’m supposed to be all inspired to make life-changing decisions? Um, no. In January I’m about to lose my ever-loving mind over all the snow and ice and coldness and all that a midwestern winter brings. By changing my mindset and allowing for a seasonal refresh instead, I am able to make smaller, more reasonable goals. I manage my things more easily with seasonal decluttering and closet clean outs, manage myself with seasonal hair cuts, makeup and skincare refreshes… you name it. If I can see something as a seasonal event, it seems so much more doable. Make sense?

If you have followed me at all you know by now about my seasonal wardrobe switches, which are super fun and getting easier each time I do them! I’ve done a very intentional minimalist closest for a couple of years now, so I have my favorite seasonal touches sorted out. Fall means all the warm colors come back into my closet… bring on the orange, brown, wine, and mustard. It’s so much fun to look forward to my favorite things in these colors that I packed away last year! I’m getting better at finding my personal style, which I think today I decided could be described in one word “wildflower”. I know, it’s not a fashion word, or even an adjective. But it’s my word, and it reminds me to dress in a way that fits my unique style personality, and that’s ultimately all that matters! What? We get to make our own rules! Who knew?! Shoutout to The Lazy Genius for that genius advice. So yes, my closet is getting an overhaul again, as is my almost 4 year old’s and my 10 month old’s. It’s a lot more work with three wardrobes than it ever was with one. Yowza! But keeping it minimal really helps. With gifted clothes and hand-me-downs for the kiddos, I’m not always as good at a capsule wardrobe, but I do try my best. Because honestly they’re so much fun, and they make putting outfits together so much easier!

A new shift I’ve decided to focus on this fall is with my cooking. I love to meal plan, having theme nights most nights of the week makes grocery shopping and feeding the family fun and simple! But I’ve never really focused on a seasonal switch as intentionally as I am this year. Don’t get me wrong, I have already purchased tons of apple, maple, pecan, cinnamon, and pumpkin flavors of everything, and am working on a trip to hit a Trader Joe’s sometime soon for allll the fall goodness there- none of this is new. But this year, I’ve added a bit of a fun twist. Instead of just making a handful of soups on repeat all season (who am I kidding I only make taco soup and chili!), I’m pushing myself to learn how to make a new soup once a week. On Saturdays, of course, because “Soup Saturday” just makes sense. If you follow me on social media, I’ll be posting about this new adventure using #smithsoupsaturday. Also, if you have an amazing soup recipe you think I should try, please message me or comment! I’d love to get your suggestions.

On another note, an old friend recently asked if I’d be on his podcast to “share my stuff”. I said yes. And then I panicked! What exactly is my stuff? I struggle with perfectionism, and wanting to follow the right pattern for a good blogger, or social media account, that people will actually enjoy and get inspired by. But honestly, I think I finally decided that I don’t give a crap about all that. I get excited in bursts. I change my mind often. If I love you, I love you so hard. If I love a thing I try, I also love it so hard. It’s just who I am. My favorite thing to do is something I haven’t done before. My favorite place to visit? You guessed it. Somewhere I’ve never been. I love to be happy, I love to have fun, and I love to share all of that with my people. I am always up for an adventure, so if you’re up for it, buckle up and I’ll bring you along for the ride. When I remember. And when I feel like it. ❤️

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