Just Go with It

So now my husband, my toddler, my maltipoo, and myself are all living with my mother. The toddler kept my mom busy for the next several weeks, as I couldn’t do much at all for him. She helped me get from one room to the next, fed us, and basically took care of everything while my husband worked on the farmhouse. Our oldest turned 18 during this time, had just graduated a semester early in December, and was planning to move out to San Diego in early February, so she was busy doing her own thing in between monumental milestones. It was a crazy time.

I decided to take this forced pause to heart and slow down and think about my priorities, how I was going to move forward with all these changes, and what I wanted to leave behind. I focused on staying positive, studying the Bible, journalling, learning about myself, and how to lose some bad habits and negative thinking. I also got rid of more physical possessions – my mom helped me go through my clothes yet again, but the biggest impact on me during this time was the non-physical changes I was making. I had to completely let go of control over most things I was used to doing my way. I had no idea where anything I owned was; how it was packed and stored was entirely in the hands of others. I couldn’t cook or clean or even shower without help. My days were at the mercy of someone else, and the only thing I could control was my attitude and how I reacted to everything. It wasn’t easy. In fact it was frustrating and extremely difficult, particularly dealing with all of these changes in the amount of pain I was in. But somehow we made it through.

When my doctor gave me the ok to bear weight on my leg again (after 5 weeks of being stuck in a chair), we made the move. We moved everything out of my mom’s (well, my husband and a few helpful folks did, anyway). And, because we didn’t have the farmhouse ready to move into, we moved ourselves into our RV in our driveway. Yep, we moved all of our possessions two times in two months (if you ask my husband he’ll say he moved everything at least five times), and moved into our RV in the middle of winter in the Midwest, with me barely able to walk. But we honestly felt like we were being led to do all of this, that everything was happening for a reason, and we should just go with it. So, we did!


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