My Hallmark Story

This story picks up from where I left off in my last post. If you want to start from the beginning, check out Back to the Real Me.

Our love story was just like a Hallmark movie. Girl returns home to rural USA after ending a bad relationship in the big city… almost immediately meets a nice guy in an old pickup truck wearing old work jeans, flannel shirts, and cowboy boots… oh and he even had baby goats in his kitchen. They hang out innocently while he helps her look for a house to renovate, and he ends up making her fall in love with him. They have a blast becoming best friends, going on romantic dates, and end up starting a life together in his old farmhouse, negating the need for her to buy her own.

That’s where the Hallmark movies end, right? But that’s not reality. The love stories don’t end when people get together. That’s just the beginning!

The first year was full of all the expected gushy love stuff you see in movies. Wine tasting, funny awkward family gatherings, farm visits, visits to the small town bars, dinner dates… and then after dating for a year, we got engaged with a surprise proposal with the help of his daughter on her 13th birthday at a Blue Man Group show.

We decided we had waited long enough to find our soulmates, so we planned a small country wedding for four months later. We had a few stressful moments, as is expected when planning and hosting a wedding yourself in such a short time-frame. But all ends well with a beautiful, outdoor, hippie wedding by the pond at my mom’s house, followed by a reception at the local venue. Then we went on an epic adventure for our honeymoon, starting with a cross-country road trip, going on a beautiful Caribbean cruise, and ending with an adventurous return road trip. And finally, we lived happily ever after in our perfect home with our perfect future planned out, and the rest is history!

Ha! I love Hallmark movies just as much as the next girl, ok, probably more. But here’s the part that makes real life real. The story doesn’t end with the newlyweds running off on their honeymoon. If we are lucky, our love story never ends, right? The secret is to enjoy the entire journey of our lives, not just the made-for-movies love stories, and not hold our breaths through life while looking and waiting for our “happy ever after”. My goal is to relax, and enjoy the ride.


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