Do Something Good

Do something good. Just to do it. Not to get credit for it, but just for the sake of doing something good. It’s so easy to immediately go to social media and show your people something awesome you did. We think, wow, what I just did (insert any accomplishment/charitable act here) was so amazing, I can’t wait to see what everyone else says about it! “Facebook or it didn’t happen!”

I get it. I have done it (and still do sometimes), but I’m working towards getting away from it. Now I understand what it’s really about: getting external validation. And honestly, if we are in constant need of external validation, it is time to turn inward and do some work on ourselves. Our self-worth should come from something much more meaningful than social media likes, comments, and follows.

Now, back to the doing… what’s something good we can do? There are so many people out there that could use some help, and even more people who could just use a smile or a little pick-me-up! A little bit of “happy” goes a long way!

Simple Ways to Spread A Little Cheer

Send a sweet or funny text to someone you’ve been thinking about, but haven’t spoken to recently.

Write a note or send out a card to brighten up someone’s mailbox.

Take the time to make an actual phone call or video chat with a friend or family member.

Drop off cookies for your neighbors.

Bring an extra coffee to work, and bless the first person you run into with it.

Leave an extra generous tip on that coffee.

Invite someone to go for a walk with you.

Smile at everyone you see on your walk.

Want to take it a step further?

I just found out about this amazing service called NeedU.Org. It’s a free website that you can use to really help someone! It’s kind of like setting up a meal train, only you can set up so much more than meals. You customize it and make it work for just about anyone or anything. It’s a simple and free way to organize needs for both those giving and receiving. If you know someone in your community who could use some help, I urge you to start them a page and share away!

Why we started NeedU

Over the last few years, we’ve experienced times when we needed some extra support. Some of these times were sad, marked by the loss of loved ones. Other times were happier but hard in their own way, like the birth of two children in one year. Our friends, family and community were there for us and expressed how much they wanted to help, but we didn’t know what to ask or how to ask for it.

We created NeedU because needing help is normal, and yet there was no platform out there that bridged the gap between asking and receiving help. 

— A note from the co-founders of NeedU: Jonathan, Brandon and David


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