Clutter-free Gifting and Receiving

Let’s be honest, when we’re trying to simplify our lives, we don’t want to receive a bunch of random items to find homes for, and we don’t want to gift others things they don’t need, either. So how do we give and receive gifts? I have compiled some of my favorite ideas on this. But first… my favorite Christmas sweater. 🎄


Let people know what you need (or don’t need). It seems so simple, but we often don’t want to be difficult, so we don’t speak up. But here’s the thing, if you ask for what you actually need, you make it easier for the person trying to buy you gifts! They don’t have to guess, they won’t worry about getting you something you won’t like, and they can easily cross your gift off their to-do list. I just heard on a podcast recently to be a good gift receiver, become known for things you’ll always want and use. For example, I love cheese, chocolate, dry red wine, herbal teas, and local honey. I will absolutely use and love those items anytime, and they’re consumable so they won’t take up space for long! Another idea is to be known for what experiences you would enjoy, such as manicures and pedicures, massages, coffee shops, wine/beer tasting, and live music… Any gift cards that enable me to have more of those experiences are more than welcomed! Yours might look completely different from mine, but you get the idea. Make it easy by being open and honest about what you want to receive, and you’ll open up that line of communication for others to be honest about their wants and needs, too.

Shop Local

Shopping local is fun, and helping small shop owners is a win-win! I am not perfect at this by any means, but when I can, I try to keep it local. For example, instead of ordering books online, I asked my local bookstore to get them for me. I got a call when they came in to pick them up at my convenience. Simple, effective, it supported a local store, and I got a great, personalized experience. I did a similar thing when shopping for my new walking shoes. I knew what I thought I wanted, called my local running store, verified they had options for me to try, and went there instead of buying online. It didn’t cost me any extra money, I got to try on several styles, I supported someone in my community, and I went home with a pair of shoes that day. In fact, I walked out of the store with them on. When’s the last time you’ve done that? It’s been far too long for me. Instead of mindlessly clicking “buy now” and ending up with way more than you need or want to spend when gifting (or buying for yourself), be purposeful and mindful of your shopping experience, make a list, do research, and shop in your community.

Gift Consumables & Experiences

As I mentioned before, my main wishlist items are things I will always use. They will be appreciated, and won’t take up space or be wasted. I won’t worry about where to display or store them, or whether or not they fit or flatter me. This helps keep our homes clutter-free, and also gives people options for doing or enjoying things they might not have in their budget right now. Examples include specialty food/drink items, gift cards, memberships, online subscriptions, local experiences (movies, music, sports, museums, etc).

I hope these ideas help as you navigate a meaningful, clutter-free holiday season. Stay tuned for more ideas and random thoughts from me on IG, Facebook, and soon you’ll find me on Pinterest, as well. You can search for “Live Like A Daylily” to get right back here, too.

Stay safe, and as always, be your best self every single day, and remember to Live Like A Daylily.

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  1. PS. I just noticed the paper towel coffee filter thing going on in the picture. 🤣 Don’t worry, my husband is at the store as we speak getting some much-needed grocery items, coffee filters included. 🥰


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