Fall Closet Clean-out!

I’ve cleaned out my closet dozens of times. I’ve sworn each time it would be my last. I’ve done it all different ways… Hello, Mari Kondo! Does this spark joy? Way too many pieces did, in fact spark joy. I’ve also attempted to go through my closet based on how often I’d worn something. Was it gifted and never worn, etc.? But the deal is, no matter how I did it, the process of cleaning out my closet was stressful and tedious. I usually do it quarterly, so I’m not even going through all of my clothes at once. Just one season at a time, and it’s still WAY too much! Ask my mom, my husband, and a few special friends who have helped me on this minimalist mission to pare down my closet. I’m sure they’ll agree that it was nuts how many clothes (and shoes, and bags, and hair products, and makeup items… ) I had to go through. That should have told me something quite a while ago, but alas. Here I am finally figuring it out after all this time.

My starting point this season.

The Process

I cleaned out my closet over the last couple of weeks – this time I did it in small bursts. Hello, moms! I know you get this. We do things when we can. Right? I also got completely caught up on laundry, so I had a true measure of what I had to go through. So what was different this time? Well, I happened upon a Fall Refresh challenge by Fashion Meets Faith, Shari Braedel, and I latched onto her concepts, and here we are!

Shari started us out by giving us small tasks a day – go through your makeup, go through your underwear drawer, get 27 matching hangers, try on all your jeans and set aside your two favorites, etc. I followed along each day, getting excited because these were things I could actually do without getting overwhelmed! And then on the last day she released her CLOSET OUTFIT PLANNER! Holy moly, this is what I’ve been looking for… tell me what colors work best for me, how to put outfits together with the best on trend colors and styles this season… Yes, please!!!! And then, it’s so simple to know what to get rid of once I put it all together. I’m sold, and I am excited to share it with you!

Closet Outfit Planner, Fall 2020

Here’s what my “final” 27 hangers for this season looks like! I say “final” loosely because I am leaving things flexible. For example, there’s an empty hanger for a pair of navy joggers I plan to get soon. And apparently in fashion there are only two seasons, and Fall/Winter are together as one. Who knew? You probably did, but I certainly did not! So I’ve added in my suggested trend color (pumpkin) and some animal print for Fall, and I plan to swap some of those pieces in December. You might already know that I love a good Christmas sweater, Mrs. Claus dress, and basically any other festive items of clothing. Stay tuned, I’m sure I’ll end up sharing some of those outfits on social media! But the cool part about this capsule wardrobe is now that I have my basics and neutrals pretty much dialed in, these transitions will be pretty simple!

27 Hangers – Fall 2020

The Plan

Did I get rid of everything else in this season that I own? Good question. No, but I did get rid of quite a bit. I think the reason it’s easier for me to get rid of some more clothing now than in the past, is that I’m adamant about not staying in my current size. In my last post I talked about my health journey, if you’d like to know more about that. So anything I am not using in this capsule that I don’t love or plan to use through winter/early spring in my current size is gone. When I go through my clothes for our next clothing swap, I plan to bring anything that’s gotten too big or that I can’t size down with as I go.

Also, I have been thinking about the containers on The Home Edit. They put everything in containers as they organize it, and they said it’s to give you boundaries. If you have a particular bin for snacks, for example, you don’t buy more than that which will fit into that bin. I think this is why the idea of 27 hangers is so great. We know that if we pick the right pieces (use the guide, she tells you how to do it!), we don’t need more than that! We can make so many outfits by mixing and matching our items, that there’s no need to expand beyond the boundary we have set for ourselves for each season’s capsule!

Here’s my plan to keep it under control now and forevermore! I plan to keep a capsule for each season (using the closet planner), and to use a beautiful antique trunk that I was given recently – passed down from family – to store the rest! No more pulling out and sorting several stored bins of clothing for me. I will neatly store my out of season wardrobe, and any accent pieces not in use but still relevant, in my trunk! If it doesn’t fit, it goes! This of course excludes lounge wear, undergarments (I include layering tanks in this category), workout clothes, pajamas, etc. All of these items are kept in drawers, separate from my capsule items.

I hope this helps motivate and inspire you to clean out your closet! I’d love to hear how it goes for you, and also what color code you are. I’m a Soft Sister, and navy is my new black. What about you? Drop a comment below, or share on social media and tag me @livelikeadaylily so I can see your fall closet!


2 responses to “Fall Closet Clean-out!”

  1. I love this post Ginger! So helpful to see your journey – totally relate to trying all the different ways to minimize. You’ve motivated me to finish my fall capsule wardrobe AND to not include any of my black pieces (since I’m a “soft” color palette too), which you know is difficult 🙂 Excited to try out the closet planner!


    1. Yes! I am equally excited for you to try the closet planner, and say goodbye to black in your capsule! I really think you’ll find it freeing and eye-opening! I’m absolutely loving navy and grey and not missing my black stuff!


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