Why I’ll never look at a daylily the same again.

My aunt told me that a daylily only blooms for one day. That’s it. A single day. God made this beautiful flower, on purpose, to live and die in a single day. My aunt told me this on the day that my daughter lived. It was also the day that she died. May 19, 2020. That was the day we said hello and goodbye to our dear Prudence Grace. She will forever be our little daylily, made by God, on purpose, to live for one single day. People have asked how I’m doing. I mean, it’s horrible what we went through. I am not even going to lie about that. As I sit here today designing this website so that I can share my story, I keep stopping to weep. But I think this is a story that needs to be told. Prudence was only here for one day, but in that one day she taught me the biggest lesson of my life. She taught me the importance of a single day.

“We can’t know why the lily has so brief a time to bloom in the warmth of sunlight’s kiss upon its face, before it folds into its fragrance and bids the world good night to rest its beauty in a gentler place. But we can know that nothing that is loved is ever lost, and no one who has touched a heart can really pass away, because some beauty lingers on in each memory of which they’ve been a part.” -Ellen Brenneman


2 responses to “Why I’ll never look at a daylily the same again.”

  1. It is never about the amount of time spent with us. It us about how much they touch our lives. Not just for that one day but for a lifetime. What greater gift could I have been given but to have a child that in one single day of life has touched my life and many others for a lifetime!! That is true blessing.

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    1. Thank you, Diana. You are so right. She will be blessing us for the rest of our lives. I apologize for the delayed response to this. I saw your comment, but hadn’t found this option to reply until today. I’m learning as I go. Take care! 🙂


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